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Black Tomato Lauches Proposal Service
2015-06-26 11:34:11
By Carole Dixon

Luxury travel company Black Tomato has launched their new, unprecedented proposal service, taking marriage proposals to an entirely new level of romance. Black Tomato’s one-of-a-kind service, the first for the travel industry, is the culmination of more than a decade of curating hand-tailored proposals throughout the far reaches of the globe from a secluded island in the pristine waters of the Baa Atoll to a royal palace tucked in the Himalayan highlands

Each Black Tomato proposal itinerary begins with a comprehensive download of the couple’s preferences, personalities and history so that Black Tomato may build a proposal from scratch that’s truly tailored to reflect both the bride and groom to be. The end goal is a truly unique and highly-detailed, once-in-a-lifetime experience to sweep the couple off their feet among the world’s most breathtaking settings.

Through the years, Black Tomato has spearheaded some of the world’s most over the top proposals, from embedding an engagement ring into the walls of a glacial cave in a remote region of Iceland to the most dramatic ring delivery via trained eagles in the vast nomadic steppe region of Mongolia. Based on the experiences and itineraries Black Tomato has created throughout the years, and the personality type of the couple, the company has categorized their proposal experiences to aid those needing inspiration.

Showstopper: In the city of love, Paris, the team created a scavenger hunt that sent the bride-to-be around the city for a full day. The search concluded at the Eiffel Tower, where the groom-to-be was waiting on one knee.

Originality: A golden eagle, a Mongolian hunter, and a dramatic destination were brought together to create a truly innovative proposal. During a cultural immersion with the hunter amongst the landscapes of the Altai Mountains, Black Tomato arranged for the majestic eagle to return from his hunt with a glistening engagement ring for the bride-to-be.

Privacy: For those who prefer more intimacy, Black Tomato can source the most private beaches, clear busy famous sights and buildings to create the ultimate exclusive experience. The team arranged a luxury “glampsite” on an uninhabited island of the Maldives for a proposal that took place at midnight, under a glittering sea of stars and similarly cleared the Uffizi gallery in Florence for the proposal to take place under the to be bride to be’s favourite painting by Botticelli.

Epic: For a water sport-loving couple, the Black Tomato team created a thrilling proposal that allowed the couple to leap from a helicopter into the Blue Hole of the Belize Reef System, where they would conduct their engagement.

A Classic:  Black Tomato believes that in order to be perfect, sometimes a proposal just needs the right destination.  On a 14-day itinerary in China, Black Tomato arranged a private tour of the Great Wall followed by a candlelit proposal dinner complimented by a sunset over the countryside.

In addition to setting an unforgettable tone for couples to embark on their new life together, Black Tomato also offers the following additional services that can be added before, during or after the proposal:

·         Secret Photographer: Can be arranged to snap the lead-up and execution of the proposal, creating an array of candid shots to fully capture the moment.

·         Message in a Bottle: Can be sent to the couple’s closest friends and family back home, spreading the good word to those who mean the most.

·         Spontaneity Service: Offers travelers the opportunity to drop on one knee while already on holiday, with no prior planning necessary.

·         Swept Away Service: Keeps the entire holiday a secret from the bride-to-be. Black Tomato collaborates with Net a Porter/Mr. Porter to hand-pack the perfect wardrobe for guests’ romantic escape. All travelers need to do is grab their passports.

·         Post-Proposal Spa Treatment: With the trip a success, Black Tomato knows that some de-stressing might be in order upon return. With that in mind, Black Tomato book the couple for some well-deserved pampering, whether it’s a manicure to make the ring finger look its best, or a deep-tissue massage to ensure the utmost relaxation when returning to reality.

·         Mr & Mrs Honeymoon Service: After settling back into reality and having got to know the betrothed during the proposal planning, Black Tomato will create a Mr & Mrs style questionnaire for both to answer in secret. Black Tomato will then use the answers to build the perfect honeymoon trip as a complete surprise, ensuring the utmost excitement on the first adventure as newlyweds.

Those interested in booking Black Tomato’s Proposal Service can visit www.blacktomato.com/proposal-service to begin planning an adventure of a lifetime.