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Fashion & Beauty
Quick Winter Beauty Fixes
2014-02-18 07:22:59
By Carole Dixon

Whether you’re planning to hit the Red Carpet this season, get cozy for a date, or just don’t want your skin, hair or body to actually feel like it’s the driest time of year, we have a handful of quick and easy beauty fixes that you can do yourself at home.

If you have ever experienced irritating skin conditions from windburn to eczema, cracked heels or just chronic dryness that leads to an annoying rash, you need to get your hands on a new over the counter skin care line that just launched in the U.S. Skinfix is a line of all natural healing balm made with the oldest and most effective products that will even help to heal your baby’s diaper rash.  These centuries-old remedies were born from a family recipe passed down from British Pharmacopoeia. The tried-and-true, medicinal OTC balms are secret blends of vitamins, minerals, botanical oils and plant extracts that have treated generations of loyal users seeking effective and instant relief for challenging skin conditions.

Skin Laundry
One of our favorite quickie facial places in LA and the OC, has launched a product line for your at home skin care regime. The new products address all skin types from sensitive to acne prone. With an easy-to-use four-step system including cleanser, toner, SPF sunscreen moisturizer and night renewal cream, clients can easily maintain their skin in between spa visits.

Make Up For Ever
Now that your completion is perfect, you don’t want to clog your pores with heavy make-up loaded with chemicals or oils. Make Up For Ever is a Parisian based company that has released a next generation cream HD Blush that looks, feels and performs up to the standards professional makeup artists require for HD camera shoots. The perfect balance of silicone oils, dry oils and waxes offer infinite bendability in a long-lasting formula. Clear Mother-of-Pearl and pigments give natural color with a luminous finish for a radiant, healthy glow.  For quick touch ups, add HD Microfinish Loose Powder or HD Pressed Powder to polish off your “camera-ready” look. The powders are talc-free, silky; lightweight that will also help to soften the appearance of fine lines and pores for a soft focus effect on the skin.

Beauty in a Bottle
Skin is of upmost importance in any beauty routine, but don’t neglect your hair with embarrassing roots cropping up in between salon visits, even if you’re pressed for time. Head to your local beauty supply store and pick up Salon in a Bottle. This product revolutionizes coloring in 30 seconds or less leaving this common grooming problem in the dust.  The root concealer comes in six shades and will help you to instantly achieve salon-quality results that last until your next shampoo. Plus, it waterproof formula won’t smudge or stain, and gives your hair a natural look and radiant sheen with a  nutrient-rich formula containing Vitamin E, Chamomile, and Green Tea Extracts.

Now that your skin and hair is glowing from head to toe, let’s address your inner beauty. In a nut shell this is the only all-natural antioxidant supplement on the market that has been clinically proven to reduce cell damage associated with aging. It's great to take after a workout, traveling, too much food or drinks, sun damage or just overdoing it at work with the added stress and pressures of everyday life.  A recent partnership with Steve Weatherford, the punter of the NY Giants, lends even more credibility to the healthy claims and benefits.