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Fashion & Beauty
Spring Forward: New Skin Care and Beauty Potions
2014-04-30 08:58:46
By Carole Dixon

It's that time of year again to shed your dry, dull winter skin for a new fresh-faced spring-summer look. Here are a handful of our top ways to achieve pore perfection.

MyBody: myHero Anti-Aging Growth Factor Daytime Lotion
Your post-winter dry or mature skin will soak up this unique combination of biomimetic growth factor peptides plus lifting, hydrating and anti-inflammatory ingredients that help restore youth and radiance while enhancing the skin’s NMF (Natural Moisture Factor). This product contains key anti-aging technology including probiotic derived bioactives, antioxidants, skin tighteners and a heroic complex of plant derived growth factor peptides, plus DNA repair actives, to maximize the skin’s natural healing abilities to help repair and boost collagen production.

Mybody: Tinted Sun Shield
If you have been hiding under that hand-knit sweater and hoodie all winter, it’s time to break out the slinky spring wardrobe and your skin could probably benefit from this SPF 30 tinted sun shield that will give your body an instant glow while it moisturizes and protects – at least until you get a decent base tan going.

Veria ID: Highly Hydrating Mask
The ID stands for Innerdosha and this line takes full advantage of the beauty in balance principal with Ayurveda. Whether you had to brave the East coast blizzards or California Indian Summer, spring forward with this mask utilizing the autoxidizing benefits of coconut water in this rejuvenating formula for your skin.  For an extra added dose of moisture, add their serum based on the same principle.

Intraceuticals: Opulence Brightening Wand
Even if you have not been hibernation all winter, don’t let under eye circles get you down. This new, handy purse-size on the go pen will brighten and tighten the skin under your eyes with one good swipe.  Don’t leave home without it this spring.