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Fashion & Beauty
Emmy Red Carpet Looks You Can Recreate at Home
2015-09-22 08:10:42
By Jen Betts

For the masses who love television, the Emmys are an award show favorite. It’s the chance to see your favorite characters win for outstanding performances, but also rock the red carpet in the latest fashion and beauty trends.

We can’t all have a team of professionals working to make us look red carpet ready every day, so we took the best looks from this year’s Emmys and found tricks you can use to feel just like a celebrity.

Hair Color

Whether you are blonde or brunette or sporting a new color trend, a glossy shine is always in. Padma Lakshmi took the win for best glossy hair last night. Joico Celebrity Colorist Denis DeSouza used LumiShine® Color lightening her dark hair and to give her amazing shine that everyone noticed.

Get the look: Ask your colorist for Lumishine for lasting color and use Joico’s K-PAK Color Therapy to protect and maintain it.


The way you wear your hair on the red carpet is almost as important as what dress you wear! This year it was over 100 degrees on the red carpet, which might have encouraged more minimal, everyday hairstyles. Gina Rodriguez from Jane the Virgin was whimsical and elegant on the red carpet, sporting a low ponytail by Joico Celebrity Hairstylist and Spokesperson Paul Norton

Get the look: For that tousled, sexy voluminous look, use Joico’s Hair Shake Finishing Texturizer Spray. Spray it, layer it, and play with the flash-dry formula after a blow-dry for additional volume or grab it on day two for instant oomph.



Some of the most beautiful clutch and jewelry designs graced the Emmy red carpet Sunday. All eyes were on the rings that rested on the A-list fingers, which drew attention to their detailed nail art. Heidi Klum dazzled the carpet with simple sheer nude nails. But one can always look red carpet ready with shocking fun colors that might not match, such as Laverne Cox who wore a bright yellow nail enamel with her blue gown.

Get the look: Purchase Get Happy Fast from Caption Polish for this energizing yellow ($12)


It seems like less was more on this year’s red carpet. Sure there were a few siren red lips, but overall, most celebs were wearing nude and neutral tones. Mad Men’s Jessica Paré looked almost bare in her pink gown as she modeled a nude lip. Claire Danes neutral lip drew more attention to her sequin gown and short bob.

Get the look: Capture that nude lip look with trèStiQue’s Crayon Lipstick. The lightweight, lip color crayon has a natural matte finish and a BB Lip Balm. With this portable and travel friendly product, makeup can be easily applied for that everyday look.




These days many find that eyelash extensions are a part of their beauty maintenance. Red carpet glam is always complete with a set of beautiful lashes. This year on the Emmy red carpet all eyes were on Lady Gaga and her dramatic lashes. Julianne Hough who was styled by International Style Institute’s Anita Patrickson wanted a sexy and playful look. Her powerful lashes were perfectly theatrical.

Get the look: Using Artémes lashes, you can have gorgeous and striking lashes daily. Artémes lashes are renowned for their impeccable design and superior craftsmanship. You’ll feel fabulous with any lash you choose. Try Artémes lashes in Love Addict, Charmer, and Big Love and you will feel like a red carpet maven.