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Westime, MB&F and Reuge Unveil Limited Edition Version of MusicMachine
2013-12-16 08:59:58

This week is all about last minute gifts and we have a cool idea for the music, movie and watch collector who has everything. Westime is known for carrying over 50 international watch and jewelry brands, but consider a blue limited edition of the futuristic MusicMachine by Reuge and MB&F.

Trek Out for Father’s Day - Star Trek on the Auction Block
2013-05-29 08:36:05

The world's first iPhone? Or the the Star Trek Communicator? In case you are not planning to splurge on one of the bonding trips we suggested for Father’s Day this year, you could gift Dad with a sporty watch or the new Samsung Galaxy S4 phone, but if the man who raised you happens to be a ‘treky’ your in luck.  Premiere Props will be auctioning off a collection of items from the STAR TREK franchise at their Hollywood Extravaganza X on Saturday, June 15th from 9-11am.

Gold Headphones Inspired by Fine Jewelry from Frends
2013-03-12 16:31:57

Frends, the fashion based electronic accessory brand, is attempting to redefining  the technology market with the release of a new line of headphones designed for fashionable women. Blurring the line between style, design and technology, Frends is hoping to change the relationship between women and their electronic gadgets.

Caviar Vending Machines Hit Southern California Just in Time for the Holidays
2012-11-28 08:56:06

You can get just about anything in a vending machine in Japan – from high end beer and sake to make-up and underwear, but we didn’t start to see the trend so much in California until Best Buy offered electronics at the airport via machines and Sprinkles put cupcakes in an ATM dispenser in Beverly Hills last year. You never know when a 24 hour cupcake craving is going to hit – especially when red velvet is involved, but now you can also access one of the world’s top delicacies by swiping your credit card and pushing a button.

24 Karat Gold Music from Moog
2012-11-07 11:03:26

For music lovers  and musicans all over the world, Moog Music is celebrating a 10-year anniversary with the release of the limited edition Minimoog Voyager. Moog created this 24 Karat gold Voyager synthesizer with the finest materials.

M. Mondavi Launches New Canvas App with Hyatt Hotels and More
2012-11-01 11:20:55

Folio Fine Wine Partners’ along with Hyatt Hotels, is launching a new digital app on November 1st, The Canvas Art of Living. The Canvas Art of Living app offers iPhone and Android users a chance to customize their own digital postcard, which can be shared instantly via email, text and Facebook.

World’s Most Expensive Coffee Features Surprise Ingredient
2012-10-18 21:26:39

Interested in trying the world’s most expensive coffee? You might be surprised at the key ingredient that makes up this unique blend – it’s not gold dust, nor will you find this one at Starbuck’s. Anantara Hotels, Resorts and Spas has introduced Black Ivory Coffee at its four resorts in the Maldives, joining the group's Anantara Golden Triangle resort in Thailand as the first hotels in the world to offer one of the most unique coffee experiences on the planet.

Gucci Now in the Board Game Business
2012-07-19 11:46:40

Forget the plastic black and red checkers on tacky cardboard: Gucci has released a chocolate brown leather woven checker board set for $4,350.  The playing board trim also sports a dark brown logo-leather trim and the playing pieces include twelve dark brown and twelve light brown leather checkers also with interlocking G detail and little matching pouches.

A Golden iPad Encrusted with Diamonds Fetches 5 Million pounds
2012-06-27 21:21:58

We reported recently on the world’s most expensive phones, and stylish gadget cases, but the golden iPad might be the pinnacle of expensive tech toy.   Hailing from London,  a specialist designer has customized the device with gold, diamonds and shavings of a Tyrannosaurus Rex bone (we are not making this up), rendering the iPad worth five million pounds.

Carry Your Smart Phone in Style with Tyla Rae Tech Accessories
2012-06-18 15:58:07

No tech geeks here. If you want to look stylish whipping out your iphone at dinner, or iPad at the next board meeting, try one of Tyla Rae's tech accessories for women.