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A Golden iPad Encrusted with Diamonds Fetches 5 Million pounds
2012-06-27 21:21:58
By Carole Dixon

We reported recently on the world’s most expensive phones, and stylish gadget cases, but the golden iPad might be the pinnacle of expensive tech toy.  Hailing from London,  a specialist designer has customized the device with gold, diamonds and shavings of a Tyrannosaurus Rex bone (we are not making this up), rendering the iPad worth five million pounds. Believed to be the world's most expensive gadget, the device was created by an Englishman, Stuart Hughes.

The iPad 2 is encrusted with 12.5-carat diamonds. A total of 53 gems form the iconic Apple logo. The back section consists of 24-carat gold, and the main front frame is made from a 75 million-year-old rock of Ammolite. A part of a T-Rex thighbone dating back 65 million years has been placed in the stone. (Why ask why?) Hughes is renowned for creating luxury goods, including a 219,995-pound Macbook Air computer and a diamond and platinum iPhone costing 20,995 pounds. This one will certainly be hard for Hughes to top in the future.

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