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Gold Headphones Inspired by Fine Jewelry from Frends
2013-03-12 16:31:57
By Carole Dixon

Frends, the fashion based electronic accessory brand, is attempting to redefining  the technology market with the release of a new line of headphones designed for fashionable women. Blurring the line between style, design and technology, Frends is hoping to change the relationship between women and their electronic gadgets.

Inspired by fine jewelry, Frends has introduced the first luxury headphones made specifically for women with cool designs that double as a fashionable accessory. Not only do they look and sound incredible, Frends are compactable and can fit right in your purse while on the go. The small, curved design provides extreme comfort even over your favorite chunky earrings.

Frends headphones come in four styles: Taylor, Layla, Ella and Ella b. The Taylor and Layla headphones are primarily metal and leather and are designed to be the contemporary woman’s newest statement piece. The Ella earbud was created to resemble an earring that plays music and the Ella b earbud is the fitness version of the Ella with secure, ambient tips that stay in during your workout and allow you to hear surrounding environment noise. Each piece comes in three color styles utilizing gold with white, rose gold or silver and black. Prices range from an affordable $99 to $199.

Utilizing materials common to luxury goods while creating new designs and employing jewelry-making techniques into these headphones, the Frends women’s line has paid close attention to the technical details that make these pieces not only beautiful, but functional. Headbands adjust internally to eliminate hair snags and also fold easily into an evening clutch. All leather elements are stain-resistant and resilient enough to be carried in a handbag. Woven cords made of durable fabric drape perfectly without tangling. Each style comes with custom tuned drivers to deliver sound that rival the very best in the market.

Products are available at Apple stores and BestBuy.com.