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Trek Out for Father’s Day - Star Trek on the Auction Block
2013-05-29 08:36:05
By Carole Dixon

The world's first iPhone? Or the the Star Trek Communicator?

In case you are not planning to splurge on one of the bonding trips we suggested for Father’s Day this year, you could gift Dad with a sporty watch or the new Samsung Galaxy S4 phone, but if the man who raised you happens to be a ‘treky’ your in luck.  Premiere Props will be auctioning off a collection of items from the STAR TREK franchise at their Hollywood Extravaganza X on Saturday, June 15th from 9-11am.

Threre are dozens of interesting costumes, gadgets, prosthetics and even some of the purple alien lenses up for auction. Other items you’ll want to get an early bid on include:

Star Trek Communicator – Original Series 1966 - From the first orignal black and white episodes. Designed for the series by Wah Ming Chang, this is a screen used original “stunt non-functional” communicator.

Star Trek – The Next Generation – Lt. La Forge Visor - From earlier seasons of “Star Trek – The Next Generation”, Lt. Commander Geordi La Froge (LeVar Burton) iconic screen used Visor.

Star Trek – The Next Generation – Alien Ears - Created by The Bodytech Emporium for “Star Trek – The Next Generation”, sculpted and formed at Paramount Studios, this is a pair of specially crafted alien “long ears." We spared you the creepy photo, but they do look real! Happy bidding.