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Westime, MB&F and Reuge Unveil Limited Edition Version of MusicMachine
2013-12-16 08:59:58
By Carole Dixon

This week is all about last minute gifts and we have a cool idea for the music, movie and watch collector who has everything. Westime is known for carrying over 50 international watch and jewelry brands, but consider a blue limited edition of the futuristic MusicMachine by Reuge and MB&F. This high-end gadget is currently available exclusively at Westime’s three boutiques in Southern California. The MusicMachine music box combines the avant-garde aesthetics most commonly associated with Swiss watchmaker MB&F’s creations, with 150-year-old Swiss music box manufacturer Reuge’s time-honored technical prowess in the creation of high end musical machines. Only five examples of the Westime limited edition will be made.

The MusicMachine was born from a futuristic design by MB&F that incorporates bespoke music box features-- musically-tuned combs, winding mechanisms and pinned cylinders--into the structure of a streamlined, hypersonic spaceship. In keeping with the science fiction vibe, the mechanical music box plays themes from “Star Trek,” “Star Wars” and “The Empire Strikes Back,” as well as three classic rock melodies by Pink Floyd, John Lennon and Deep Purple.

MusicMachine is a micro-engineering marvel manufactured by Reuge that incorporates two hand-finished brass cylinders with 1,400 pins to precisely pluck the teeth of two hand-tuned steel alloy combs. Each comb contains a selection of 72 notes that intone the three melodies that each cylinder plays. Nickel-plated brass supports allow the musical spacecraft including its brilliant blue “fuselage” to hover closely above any tabletop, desk or pedestal.