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Food & Drink
Moonshine Hits the Mainstream
2014-12-07 10:07:29
By Carole Dixon

It’s that time of year to sip scotch whiskey by the fire and we enjoy a good dram of Macallan 17 year, Highland Park Dark Origins or Balvenie most of the time but it’s also high time for something new. We were a tad skeptical on the flavored moonshine we were presented with recently at Pearl’s on Sunset during a tasting dinner, but it surprisingly hit all the right notes and was delicious to sip solo or mix with drinks.

STILLHOUSE SPIRITS CO. was founded in 2012 with STILLHOUSE® Original Moonshine and has received two medals at the San Francisco International Spirits Competition. The premium spirits company uses 100% estate-grown corn in a propriety recipe and distills it five times for a superior flavor and purity. Every jug of STILLHOUSE is produced and bottled in Louisville, Kentucky.

The brand recently expanded its acclaimed whiskey portfolio with four new flavors: Red Hot, Peach Tea, Apple Crisp and Coconut. All are infused into the award-winning moonshine spirit, and packaged in the Brand’s patented glass jug.

 “STILLHOUSE’s dynamic portfolio sets the standard for moonshine cocktail lovers, from the higher proof STILLHOUSE® Original Moonshine (80-proof) to the mixer-friendly, naturally infused flavors (40-proof),” says Brad Beckerman, Founder & CEO, “We are pushing the boundaries of consumer expectations around moonshine. With our full portfolio, we’re capitalizing on the growing demand and popularity of the whiskey category and giving consumers yet another reason to celebrate with friends.”

Here are some of our favorite winter cocktails using the brand and if you want even more visit


2 oz juniper-infused Stillhouse Original Moonshine

1 oz pasteurized organic egg white

2 oz Fresh squeezed orange

¾ oz fresh lime juice

¾ oz rosemary simple syrup

Garnish: Brush the Fresh Rosemary sprig across the side of the glass briskly to activate aromatics.

Method: Shake & strain

Glass: Coupe Glass




Original Moonshine

Method: Bruise it, Pour Over Fresh Ice into an old-fashioned glass and top with twist of lime

Garnish: Twist of Lime

Glass: Rocks Glass



3/4 oz fresh lemon

3/4 oz simple syrup 1:1

1 oz STILLHOUSE Peach Tea Moonshine

1 oz STILLHOUSE Original Moonshine

5 dashes Fee Brothers

Peach Bitters

2 oz club soda

Method: Build ingredients over ice in a Collins glass

Garnish: Sprig of Rosemary

Glass: Collins Glass



2 ½ oz STILLHOUSE Original Moonshine

½ oz Luxardo Maraschino

Method: Stirred, served straight up

Garnish: 2 Red Grapes

Glass: Coupe Glass



Bitter Truth Aromatic bitters

1 oz STILLHOUSE Coconut Moonshine

1 oz STILLHOUSE Original Moonshine

½  oz Ristretto Galliano

½  oz Italian red vermouth

Method: Build in rocks glass over big cube of ice, and stir

Garnish: Orange Peel Zest