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Food & Drink
Spring Pursuits: From Culinary Class to Floral Art
2015-03-10 11:31:37
By Carole Dixon

Cafe Pinot
was one of the first upscale dining venues in downtown LA, located next to the historic 1920’s public library building. The bucolic garden has hosted many weddings over the past few decades, but now the European-style venue invites patrons to delve into The Art of Charcuterie. This class is taught by Executive Chef Joe Vasiloff who started cooking at a young age in his native Oaklahoma before working in the kitchen with Thomas Keller of The French Laundry among others.

In direct response to the trend of nose to tail cooking, Café Pinot offers a way to further utilize the entire animal with a one-of-a-kind educational experience on charcuterie.  With years of crafting and perfecting the art, Vasiloff shares his expertise and knowledge on the practice with detailed courses that delve into the time-honored method of curing and preserving meats. The new hands-on learning series, offered monthly, rotates theme and focus. In April, patrons will become experts on Summer Style Sausages: rabbit and chicken liver, beef heart and squab.  

During the two-hour intimate chef-guided lesson, taught in the prep kitchen, students will witness demonstrations before personally undertaking the crafting of the dishes. After you get your hands dirty, a wine-tasting reception will be presented with a sampling of the featured charcuterie, cheese and bread. This is a great afternoon for $75 per person per class.

Now that your hands are skilled at potting pate in a Mason jar, try your luck at potting a few flowers in Brentwood at the first ever do-it-yourself flower bar in LA. Fleurish is a sleek new concept where you pick out lovely spring floras at a great price and arrange them yourself. Don’t worry, you will have the help of skilled florists at your disposal and a computer guided tutorial. Not only will your loved ones be flattered that you actually made them something with your own two hands, think how cool your next soiree will be when you not only made the centerpiece but the sausages as well?

Both of these pursuits are great ideas for group gatherings. Fleurish will also host bachelorette and birthday parties.