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Food & Drink
Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America Heads to Florida in April
2015-03-18 09:58:55
By Carole Dixon

Each year, the annual Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America (WSWA) Convention serves as the launchpad for new products and drinking trends poised to make an impact in the months and years to come. Major liquor distributors, global wine and spirits conglomerates, bar owners and press looking forward to walking the conference's massive trade show floor for a look into the future of booze.  I had the pleasure of attending the convention last year and 

WSWA has marked the public debut of countless successful new products across the spectrum, from Kenny Chesney's Blue Chair Bay Rum to the Mü line of creamy bottled cocktails.

So what will be this year's big success? What will you be drinking in 2016, and beyond? 

Some of the most buzzed-about products that'll be on hand at this year’s convention  include:

•    House of Mandela, the South African winery started by Nelson Mandela's daughter and granddaughter

•    JEVO, the world's first automated jello shot-making machine

•    Jackson Morgan Southern Cream, a new line of whiskey-based cream liqueurs from Tennessee, available in flavors from salted caramel to orange whip

•    El Miracle Cava Brut, a new-to-the-US sparkling wine from an award-winning Spanish producer

•    A range of new spirits in rapidly growing categories, like Pisco Aba, Mezcalero Mezcal and Espirito XVI Cachaça

And one of our new favorites: 

Anchor Old Tom Gin

In September 2014, Anchor Distilling Company introduced Anchor Old Tom Gin. This is the third style of small-batch gin produced by the distillery which currently includes Junipero Gin, a classic London dry gin, and Genevieve, Genever-style gin. Anchor Old Tom, like its historical predecessors, is pot-distilled with juniper berries and other botanicals, sweeter than modern London dry gin, and bottled unfiltered. Though produced with the traditional botanicals star anise and licorice root, Anchor Old Tom also features an unconventional ingredient—stevia. Sourced from Paraguay, the stevia contributes to the gin’s sweetness and creates a sophisticated, silky-sweet complexity that makes it perfect for mixing cocktails both old and new.

Old Tom has a classical juniper nose with hints of sweetness, star anise, and licorice on the mid palate with a subtle but sweet and pleasing finish. 750 ml 45% ABV Suggested

The event will be held April 12-15, 2015 at the Grand Lakes Orlando, a joint J.W. Marriott / Ritz-Carlton property.

For more information visit: www.wswaconvention.org