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Scotland Makes Car Wax with 24K Gold for Close to Six Figures
2013-03-26 22:08:26
By Carole Dixon

For the wealthy car collector who has everything: a Scotland boutique car-care firm is selling what must be the world's most expensive car wax at $96,867 per bottle according to Yahoo's auto blog.  Created by Mitchell & King, a firm known for custom blending waxes for high-end cars and, according to them, the first car wax with glitter, the wax was formulated in honor of the upcoming GoldRush Rally, that mini-Cannonball Run for the rich and famous. Along with shampoo and scent, Mitchell & King package the wax, which they claim works for up to 4 months, in a 24-karat gold jar encrusted with sparkles.

Originally reported by Born Rich, the price includes not just the wax, but personal delivery of the polish by the company's chief executive.  Mitchell & King do offer one warning: that the treasure wax is "exceptionally exclusive and we reserve the right to refuse purchase." So you actually have to apply for approval to buy it, just like a car loan.

It'd be one thing if this wax were capable of offering protection on par with, say, the fictional bullet-proof coating of the Knight Industries Two Thousand. But Mitchell & King isn't selling function, but form; an idea of having a superlative object, even though it's something so mundane as car polish. It's a way to signify status to one's peers — and for the rest of us, to mark someone who won the lottery and doesn't know how lucky they are.