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Audi A3 Bi-Coastal Launch
2014-04-06 02:15:31
By Carole Dixon

Just last week, Audi celebrated the launch of the all-new Audi A3 with exclusive bicoastal events featuring performances by Janelle Monáe in Los Angeles and M.I.A. in New York. Held at Quixote Studios in Los Angeles and SIR Stage37 in New York, guests enjoyed exciting musical performances to celebrate the new vehicle, which features uncompromised craftsmanship, segment-leading technology and several industry firsts, like available Audi connect with 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot connection and MMI touch.

In the spirit of the Audi A3 never compromising, attendees on both coasts experienced a one-of-a-kind performance by both artists as each was joined onstage by a cutting-edge hologram of the other artist for a finale duet, which marked the first time a hologram incorporated integrated 3D projection mapping technology. The national launch events and performances were also live streamed online to Audi dealerships nationwide hosting their own A3 launch events.

The events also featured a custom RGB Audi A3 installation created by Milan-based artists Carnovsky, which provided a visual experience integrating the Audi brand in a high-tech and shareable way. Colored LED lights played with the printed color to highlight various Audi A3 “scapes” including the city, mountains and beach dependent on which RGB color was displayed.